Bluestreak Whippets


Bluestreak Blonde Moment

by CH Ardencote What a Cracker ex CH. Bluestreak Bubbly Blonde DOB: 9/3/10


COI : 2.7% over 9 generations

Biska's Results 2010-11


Best Puppy Bitch: Crufts 2011

Best Puppy in Show : SWWC champ Show 2011

Best Puppy Bitch  Midland Whippet Club Champ Show 2010

1st Boston Champ Show MPB



Biska's Pedigree Biska-stones-2 aaWCoWcathie 011

Now in the USA - owned in partnership by Kristen Fredericks, Karen Lee & Cathie Brown

Biska's name

BISKA is Istrian for white mistletoe, a plant the Celts believed to be magical & a source of luck. BISKA is also a herbal brandy, with origins in celtic times I didn't know this when I

named her after a racehorse

I used to ride.


Biska's career in England Biska's career in America Biska-5a Biska-National-Karen_edited-1