Bluestreak Whippets


Bluestreak  Brown Eyed Girl

Peaches Daisy_no_lead_kongress Blaze

Peaches lives in Sweden with Helene Morling of the Mac bells whippets. She has 2 CCs.

Helene badgered me for over a year for this lovely girl. Eventually I gave in and let her visit us to see if they would bond. Peaches had no difficulties with this as she got to share a bed with her new friend.

They eventually went to Sweden together with her son Blaze (below left)

Peaches is now Queen of her home in Sweden with permanent access to a very large double bed. She has had some beautiful puppies including Daisy the top show whippet in Sweden 2007 (below)

her son  Bluestreak Burberry   by Moonlake Mackintosh

her daughter... CH Macbells Driving Miss Daisy by CH  Lorricbrook Bandleader

COI: 4.8% over 8 generations