Bluestreak Whippets the business that I run to keep my  whippets in cosy beds and crunchy bones and all the luxuries every whippet needs for their comfort

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Whippet Breeding and COIs

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Whippet shows and clubs

There are 11 whippet clubs in the UK catering for all things whippet including whippet racing, whippet showing, whippet obedience and education for aspiring whippet judges. They also run whippet seminars, whippet health testing and whippet fun days!

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Bluestreak News

Our beautiful Biska is now settled in the USA with Kristen Fredericks & Karen Lee, owners of the Mariner's and Surrey Hill's whippets.

she is now co-owned by the three of us.

She whelped a lovely litter in May this year by Bonzer, Surrey Hill's Galafrey


Whippet News & Press Clips

July 24th 2011

The fabulous Whippet Archive has launched a wonderful new feature. You can now access COIs of every whippet on the database and drill down the pedigree to see an extensive analysis  for each dog stored in the TWA database. This analysis contains the inbreeding coefficient (Wright's formula), ancestor loss, the partial inbreeding coefficient, the blood quota and more. Hats off to Karin and her team!


May 26th 2011

The Kennel Club have launched mate select for the purpose of increasing genetic diversity in pedigree dogs!

This is fantastic news for whippets as a breed and a great big step in the right direction by the Kennel Club.

Whippets have an average COI of 9.7%