Bluestreak Whippets


Look at this before you get a whippet

. . . . .my education by Biska!

. . . . .Maybe you are house proud!  One of the biggest & best Toys that you can buy a whippet is a lovely sofa!

Biska-TrashedRoom Biska-Richmond-1 Biska-Richmond-2

. . . . .Maybe you fancy trying showing!

It can be embarrassing at times no matter how long you've been at it.

This was Biska's first outing at Richmond champ show. All morning she had been trotting around happily on a loose lead !

Biska-TrashRoom Biska-Trashroom2

Do you love your GARDEN ! It's important to share the things you love, after all a whippet loves to help prepare the ground!

Digger-1 Digger-2 Digger-3